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Governance and Committees

University Service Representatives

Faculty Senate

Karen Reedy, Dance (term ends 2020)
Lisa Billingham, Music (three-year term ends 2018)
Jesse Guessford, Music (three-year term ends 2018)

Graduate Council

Lisa Kahn

Undergraduate Council

Seth Hudson, Game Design
Karen Reedy, Dance

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee

Gregory Robinson, Music


The College of Visual and Performing Arts has several dedicated committees that support the college throughout the academic year. Click below to find out more information about each. 

Artists for Social Action Committee

The Artists for Social Action Committee is a student-driven panel that seeks to develop and promote an appreciation of the arts through events and programs for Mason and surrounding communities. It serves to foster a community atmosphere among all arts disciplines and to address student concerns. The Committee may initiate actions on its own and review student or faculty proposals.


  • Mimsi Janis, Theater, (Chair), 2020 
  • Edgar Endress, Art, 2020
  • Linda Miller, Dance, 2020
  • Nikyatu Jusu, Film and Video Studies, 2021
  • Seth Hudson, Computer Game Design, 2020
  • Jim Carroll, Music, 2021
  • John Kilkenny, Music, (At-Large), 2020
  • Kevin Murray, Theater, 2021
Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee reviews and makes recommendations on all proposals for College curriculum initiatives, including proposals for new courses or curricula, deletion of or modifications to existing courses or curricula, and revisions to all college undergraduate and graduate program requirements.
The panel also provides guidance to the college’s schools, departments, and programs regarding appropriate procedures and policies, and time lines to be followed for the preparation and presentation of curricular proposals. It also ensures that all university and college curriculum procedures and policies are followed.


  • Eric Piccione, Computer Game Design, (Chair), 2020 
  • Don Starr, Art, 2021
  • Aimee Fullman, Arts Management, 2020
  • Jim Lepore, Dance, 2020
  • Amanda Kraus, Film and Video Studies, 2021
  • Charles Ciorba, Music, 2021
  • Emily Green, Music, (At-Large), 2021 
  • Robert Gillam, Music, (Sub for Emily Green), Fall 2019 
  • Sherrice Mojgani, Theater, 2020

Dean's Committee

The Dean’s Committee represents all enterprises of the college: academic, professional, and community. The panel's purpose is to increase communication and collaboration among college constituencies. The dean reports on the work of this committee to the faculty.

At a minimum, the Dean’s Committee shall be comprised of the dean, associate and assistant deans (ex officio), the chief financial officer of the college (ex officio), the chair of the faculty, the secretary of the faculty, one representative from each Standing Committee and Ad Hoc Committee, the executive director of the Center for the Arts, the executive director of the Hylton Performing Arts Center, and one representative from each college-related professional and community organization, as agreed upon by the dean and the chair of the faculty.

As the committee's business dictates, the dean may also invite representatives from any academic school, department, or program in the College of Visual and Performing Arts not otherwise represented, or from other academic, professional, or community groups.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The committee is responsible for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in the life of the college. Its purview includes gathering information about diversity within the college; bringing educational opportunities to the attention of faculty and staff; responding to diversity issues as they relate to academic programming, to recruitment and retention of students, to visual and performing arts experiences, to our extended community of professionals in the arts, and to audiences for the arts; and to the hiring, retention, and quality of work life for faculty and staff of the college.


  • Chawky Frenn, Art, 2021
  • Robert Yi, Art, (At-Large), 2021 
  • Karalee Dawn, Arts Management, 2021
  • Dan Joyce, Dance, 2020
  • Hans Charles, Film and Video Studies, 2021
  • Ted Prawat, Computer Game Design, 2020
  • Elaine Rendler, Music, 2021
  • Deb Sivigny, Theater, 2020
Promotion and Tenure

The committee serves as the promotion and tenure review committee for all faculty of the College of Visual and Performing Arts. It accepts recommendations from the college’s schools, departments, and programs, deliberates, votes, and forwards its own recommendation to the dean of the college following the timeline set forth by the Office of the Provost, and in accordance with the procedures and criteria outlined in the George Mason University Faculty Handbook.


  • Stan Engebretson, (Full Professor/Chair), 2021
  • Gail Scott White, Art, (Full Professor), 2021 
  • Carole Rosenstein, Arts Management, 2020
  • Christopher D’Amboise, (Full Professor), 2020
  • Tommy Britt, Film and Video Studies, 2020
  • Boris Willis, Computer Game Design, 2020
  • Jim Carroll (At-Large), 2021
  • Heather McDonald, (Full Professor), 2021
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