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Film and Video Studies Scholarships

Awards and Eligibility

To apply for a Film and Video Studies scholarship, you must be a Film and Video Studies, BA major. If you're not yet a student at Mason, you must pass the FAVS portfolio review, intend to declare (or have declared) a FAVS major, and be accepted to Mason before any scholarship funds will be disbursed.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you must remain a FAVS major to receive the full amount. You must be enrolled in at least 12 credits of coursework per semester and maintain a 3.0 GPA overall and a 3.0 in courses in the FAVS major to receive subsequent funds.

Scholarships will be disbursed when all criteria are met after the add/drop deadline each semester. Funding will be contingent on the budget of the program and college.

FAVS Sophomore Scholarship

Awarded to those of Sophomore standing starting in upcoming Fall semester will be awarded $1,500 per semester for six semesters (if grade and enrollment requirements are maintained).

FAVS Junior / Transfer Scholarship

Awarded to incoming Transfer students or those of Junior standing beginning in the upcoming Fall semester will be awarded $1,500 per semester for four semesters (if grade and enrollment requirements are maintained).

FAVS Senior Awards

Awarded to students scheduled to graduate in the upcoming Fall semester will be awarded $1,500 per semester for one semester (if grade and enrollment requirements are maintained).

Awarded to students scheduled to graduate in the next Spring semester will be awarded $1,500 per semester for two semesters (if grade and enrollment requirements are maintained).

Scholarship Application Timeline

See the Film and Video Studies website for more information.

A committee of FAVS faculty and FAVS advisory board members will award scholarships based on thoughtful presentation of the chosen topic, writing and communication skills, GPA and demonstration of academic excellence at Mason or prior institutions, demonstration of professional experience or commitment (through internships or other professional contexts), and résumé. The panel also considers demonstrated merit in academic and extracurricular activities within the CVPA courses when reviewing applications from current students. Academic transcripts on record from the last three years of study will be considered.

Scholarship Application

To apply, submit all required elements below by the deadline:

Part 1.  Application Cover Sheet

Part 2.  Short essay (250 to 500 words) discussing your financial challenges as both a student and a filmmaker. Provide written evidence explaining your financial need. This is not entirely a need-based scholarship, but need is taken into consideration.

Part 3.  A film essay (500 to 600 words) on Topic A or Topic B:

Topic A: Discuss how a film, whether your own film, a film you viewed, or a film you participated in making, has allowed you to understand film as a catalyst for change.


Topic B: Discuss your observations and opinions of filmmaking as an interdisciplinary process. Consider how material from disciplines beyond Film and Video Studies (courses in philosophy, history, music, etc.) influences your study of film-making.

Part 4.  One page resume: emailed with the subject “FAVS Scholarship” by the deadline to

Admissions Merit Scholarships

Mason awards millions of dollars in scholarships to incoming freshmen every year. These awards not only recognize strong academic talent and achievement, but also special talents and other personal characteristics, without regard to an applicant’s financial need.

All freshman applicants who apply by November 1 (the Early Action application deadline) will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships through the Office of Admissions and the Scholarship Committee. Students who apply Early Action are notified of their admissions decisions by mid-December, and the Scholarship Committee notifies students if they were awarded a scholarship no later than February.

University Scholars Awards

The University Scholars are selected from among the most outstanding students invited to the Honors College. This award is the highest academic distinction that Mason offers to undergraduate students and is given annually to top high school seniors admitted to the university. Each year the University Scholars Program enrolls approximately 20 new first-year students, each of whom receives a scholarship covering the full cost of tuition over four years. Students receiving this award have exemplary records of academic achievement, and they have demonstrated intellectual vision and creativity, the potential to solve problems and overcome obstacles, and a commitment to meaningfully contributing to their communities.

Applications must be submitted by November 1 to receive priority consideration for the scholarship. Prospective freshmen should check the appropriate box for "University Scholar" on their applications. For more information, please visit the University Scholars website.

Financial Aid

If you’re interested in applying for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit it to the federal processor by March 1 of every year. It’s best to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st of the preceding year because some fund types are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please visit How to Apply for Financial Aid.

 Visit the university's Office of Student Financial Aid website to learn about available scholarship opportunities.

For additional information on financial aid at Mason, call 703-993-2353.

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