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MUSI 251: Musical/Oral Communication

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Introduces theories, processes, and practices to achieve effective oral communication; connects those principles with expressive musical performance. Explores parallels between grammer, logic, and rhetoric and musical structure, design, and performance. Critically analyzes time, tonality, and texture, applies these concepts in pedagogical contexts related to effective performance, practice habits, communication styles, and identifying/preventing performance-related repetitive overuse injuries. Notes: Requires observing professionals in the field.

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Limited to 3 Attempts

Introduces and explores various music teaching professions. Examines philosophical, pedagogical, and practical issues in context of diverse teaching situations and venues that range from private studio and public school to community music schools and commercial establishments.

When Offered: Fall

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 3

Requires observing professionals in the field.

Fulfills Mason Core requirement in oral communication for the Music BM only.

Credits: 3


Admission to music major or minor program, or jazz studies minor program.

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