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You work hard, you play hard. Well, in the Computer Game Design Program, you won't play much. What you will do is use state-of-the-art technology to create your own games from day one. Our students study both the sciences and the arts in a collaborative, problem-solving environment.

Students build games

Students build games and learn business.

Mixing Play With Work

Less than a year after opening, the Virginia Serious Game Institute based on George Mason University’s Science and Technology Campus, has created several new businesses with dozens of employees and raised half a million dollars in corporate support by launching innovative technology to advance major industries. The institute offers Virginia schools, businesses and universities hands-on training, certification, research and development assistance by merging game company incubation and rapid prototype development.

It's working: Professions Quest, started in 2014 by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, has created multi-player online game, Mimycx, which will allow health care professional schools to offer students a novel and entertaining way to interact online. The game will also foster the development of communication skills and core competencies that are critical in the patient/population-centered health care field.

The Virginia Serious Game Institute is the only one of its kind on the East Coast and one of only four global affiliated facilities established primarily to support early-entry entrepreneurship into the simulation and game design industry.

At the Top of Your Game

Making games is the point. Making a living is the goal.

The Computer Game Design program arms students to conquer the working world through portfolio courses, a pre-internship seminar, internships and a senior project. Students can also network with employers at the Senior Expo, and those who want to start their own businesses can study Game Entrepreneurship.

The department's interdisciplinary approach lets students specialize in one area while learning the language of many areas, giving them a firm grasp of the big picture. That makes them better collaborators and managers -- and highly sought-after employees.

In addition to the high caliber of courses offered, our Computer Game Design program professors are frequent speakers at game conferences in the U.S. and around the world.

The Computer Game Design program at Mason is also a charter member of the Higher Education Video Game Alliance.

Class of 2019 Graduation Video

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