Lasting gift of up to $1 million awarded to Mason’s School of Art

Stevie and Gardner Gillespie

Gardner and Stevie Gillespie

For the past decade, art enthusiasts Gardner and Stevie Gillespie have found an ideal way to pursue their passion through the School of Art at Mason. As chair of the advisory council, Gardner Gillespie drafted the School of Art’s vision statement. Along with other volunteers, the Gillespies support Off the Wall, a fundraising event and art auction that raises on average $40,000 annually for the School of Art. Advisory council members also raise the visibility of the school, spark partnerships, and act as community ambassadors.

Now the Gillespies are combining their passion with purpose by establishing a permanent scholarship fund for School of Art students in an amount of up to $1 million. With both a current use and endowed component, their gift will benefit deserving undergraduate and graduate students right away, as well as for the long term.

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