The remarkably inspiring story of Mason School of Music student Eddie Adams

Eddie Adams playing the cello
Eddie Adams

George Mason University music student Eddie Adams has become a literal profile in courage to thousands who read about his life story in a recent Sunday feature in the Washington Post, entitled “Amid a life of poverty and torment, the cello became his instrument of survival.”

Eddie came to George Mason in spring 2018 and was accepted into the School of Music’s demanding orchestral program. Since then, he has received assistance and support from June Huang, director of strings at the School of Music, other faculty members and administrators, and the Friends of Music at Mason.

Like many others trying to complete their college education without a financial safety net, Eddie relies on scholarship support and financial aid to cover not only tuition, but books, fees, and basic living expenses. Music students face significant extra costs associated with playing an expensive instrument and preparing for performances.

Donations for scholarship support for students in need such as Eddie are always welcome. To support students via the School of Music Orchestra Fund, visit our online giving form here. (Please note that IRS regulations do not allow donations to be directed to a specific student).

Taken from a story on Mason's Giving site

Watch Eddie Adams perform as Principal Cellist alongside his fellow School of Music students in the Musical Feast Concert, May 3 at the Center for the Arts.

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