Seven Women of Mason – We Want to Hear your Stories

The Center for the Arts at George Mason University is seeking submissions/recommendations of women affiliated with the Mason community to be featured as part of the Center for the Arts’ SEVEN WOMEN OF MASON project. The request is for stories of Mason women overcoming adversity to influence change and transform their community. 


Mason students, faculty, staff, or alumni who have a story to tell about overcoming adversity, and identify as women, including transgender women, cisgender women, and individuals who identify within the spectrum of the gender identity of woman.


Seven women and their stories will be featured as part of this project leading up to the L.A. Theatre Works performance of SEVEN on October 18 at the Center for the Arts. Seven is a play composed of seven women’s powerful stories written by seven female playwrights. Mirroring the play, the SEVEN WOMEN OF MASON stories will be told through text and video, shining a light on the strength and bravery of women within the Mason community. 


Theater has the unique ability to create a platform for lesser-heard voices to tell their own story. Throughout the play SEVEN, we learn of the women’s struggles, roadblocks, pain, joy, celebration, pride, success, and transformation, as told from their own perspective.

Similar to the play, the SEVEN WOMEN OF MASON project endeavors to provide a platform for our community members to be the authors of their own story. In an effort to contextualize and localize the theatrical work being presented on the Concert Hall stage, the Seven Women of Mason project will raise awareness of the inspirational stories from our own community. 


The Center for the Arts plans to create short videos that highlight each of the seven women’s stories. These will be shared on digital platforms, including the Center for the Arts’ social media outlets, website, and email communication. In addition, the Center plans to feature the stories with some physical representation in the Johnson Center and/or Center for the Arts Lobby.  

The CFA will work closely with participants to ensure that their stories and images are presented with respect and care. 

What stories are we looking for? 

  • Do you have a story to tell about overcoming adversity?   
  • Has there been a time when your actions inspired others? 
  • How has your past impacted your path and future? 
  • Have you had to make a choice to do something differently than your community? 
  • How have you chosen your own path? 

How to nominate someone or submit your story:

If you would like to nominate someone you know, please obtain their permission and connect them with Stephanie Mendoza or call 703-993-8670 by July 1, 2019.

If you would like to submit your story for consideration, please send a brief description of your story to Stephanie Mendoza by July 3, 2019. Please include your phone & e-mail.

If your story is chosen to be one of the seven featured, you will be contacted by July 10, 2019 to discuss the next steps for participation.