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Best of Film at Mason

August 29, 2018

Best of Mason

Highlighting award-winning student films
Friday, September 7th
3-5 pm, Harris Theatre
Free and open to the public

The Best of Film at Mason is a showcase of recent notable and award-winning films. From heartfelt to heartbreaking intermediate and Senior fiction films, to poignant intermediate and beginning level documentary shorts, this program captures and celebrates the diversity of cinematic storytelling in Film at Mason.

Presented by Film and Video Studies, Film and Media Studies, the City of Fairfax, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, University Life, and Delta Kappa Alpha

This program celebrates the diversity of cinematic storytelling in Film at Mason with stories centered on connection and community.

The Unfortunate and Accidental Death of Mr. Gregory Ashley Adams, 3 min
This pilot webisode follows a cleaning crew of outsiders who arrive at a new job to find themselves in quite a mess.

Sunny Side Up, A Broken Duck Production - Marie Karkehabadi, 8 min
Awards: Best Experimental Film, Best VFX, Mason Film Festival 2017, premiered at Brooklyn International Film Festival
A man overwhelmed by existential doubt transitions from married to divorced, exploring the inescapability of ordinary suffering.

Fillers - James Woolard, 5 min
A workplace comedy web series following the mundane existence of two friends who are employed solely to occupy space in retail stores.

Cultivation and Community - Alicia Rodriguez, 5 min
Amidst histories in the US of racialized food inaccessibility, this documentary portrait focuses on Jenn, a black women who has immersed herself within community-based food systems of growing with the intent of building sustainable networks.

The Day - Andy Riddle, 6 min
Will faces challenges as he stumbles about his day.

Gloria An Immigrant - Adam Reforzo, 12 min
A documentary portrait of Gloria, the filmmaker’s mother, who intimately shares her experience leaving El Salvador to join her father in the United States, and the sacrifices she and her growing family left behind had to endure.

Lune - Naod Haddish, 9 min
Awards: Best Editing, Mason Film Festival 2018, and Audience Award
Melanie learns to grieve through the music shared with between her and her deceased Grandpa. Fiction.

909 Nights - Ryan Judge, 10 min
Best Experimental Film, Mason Film Festival 2018
A former classical music prodigy struggles as he pursues a career in electronic music, his true passion.

Typewriters Today - Kyle Finnegan, 3 min
Best Short Documentary, Jersey Shore Film Festival
Most people think the typewriter is a thing of the past, but Ed Michael knows this to be false.

Sugar Babies - D'Andra Welch, 9 min
Special Faculty Jury Award for Directing Actors Mason Film Festival 2018
Three girls try to make money in the most unconventional way.

Reflection - David Mason III, 12 min
Best Horror/Thriller, Audience Award, Distinction in Cinematography Mason Film Festival 2018
After a tragic family event, a woman returns home to discover that her little sister has gone missing. Will her sister’s diary and the bedroom mirror help the woman find her?

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