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Pat Sargent

2016, Art & Visual Technology, MFA


Pat Sargent is originally from Detroit, Michigan; Sargent joined the military at age 17; in late 2002 he retired from the Air Force and enrolled in a political science program at George Mason University. Toward the end of his studies, he signed up for an entry-level printmaking class to complete his education. Instead, it was the amazing beginning of an entirely new journey. Sargent earned his BFA in printmaking at George Mason University in 2012 and is now completing his MFA. Sargent along with Thamm is co-founder of the GMU Printmakers Guild and Sargent-Thamm, LLC. He continues to explore papermaking and printmaking processes. Collaboratively, Sargent and Thamm have forged a friendship by creating prints that include both of their artistic voices.

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