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Art and Visual Technology, BA

Program Overview

George Mason University’s School of Art is a collaborative academic and professional community focused on advancing creativity through traditional and new media applied to varying social contexts. The School of Art is founded on the premise that art both reflects and inspires a creative society, improving the human condition while describing the world, both as it is and could be. We focus on the role of artists in that conversation. We encourage students to see art both as an individual expression and public interaction. We celebrate historical reference, current relevance and experimentation-emphasizing innovative ways of thinking that enhance the impact of art on the future of society.

For complete information on program requirements and policies for the 2017-18 year, please see the University Catalog.


Art and Visual Technology majors work in award-winning studios with accomplished faculty who regularly exhibit their work. Students have opportunities to hear from leaders in their field through the Visual Voices speaker series.  In addition, students go to New York several times during their college career to experience its rich collection of museums and galleries. Art and Visual Technology majors also exhibit their work on campus in multiple galleries.

Concentrations within the Art and Visual Technology, BA include:

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