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Musical Theater, Undergraduate Certificate

Program Overview

Students pursuing a certificate in Musical Theater (Theater concentration) must satisfy all requirements for a BA or BFA in the School of Theater with a concentration in performance. Auditions are required for admission into the Musical Theater Undergraduate Certificate: Theater.


The Musical Theater Certificate addresses the need in the cultural workplace for well-trained performers and responds to their desire to develop their creative talents while providing the academic degree that appeals to professionally-conscious students. The Certificate offers the opportunity for continued specialized training in Musical Theater and prepares students to fill the need for musical theater talent in this region and to be competitive at the national level.

The curriculum for the Certificate enhances the existing arts degrees by adding 18 credits of Music and 12 credits of Dance, designed to give students the opportunity to learn and practice fundamental skills for specialized stage and screen performances, to develop professional habits, and to think and respond creatively. Students will find a well-rounded program that will prove nationally competitive in its curriculum and performance opportunities. Course work in the program will hone the student’s ability to vocalize and speak properly, control pitch, tempo and volume, and convey emotion through speech and song. Students will refine the ability to perform dance across multiple genres and styles, partake in choreographed staged combat sequences, and portray emotion and feeling through physical character choices and movement. Classes will develop awareness and timing, an ability to both receive and offer instruction and criticism, and develop a professional-level focus on character and the scene during auditions, rehearsals, stage work, or film. Students will acquire critical performance skills and gain the necessary physical stamina and strength to excel during demanding rehearsal and production schedules.

Extracurricular performance opportunities associated with the Musical Theater Certificate include musical theater productions, opera and operetta, ensembles and cabarets, all available by audition.

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