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Ethnomusicology Minor

Program Overview

The minor is designed for those who wish to widen their scope of knowledge about music while deepening their understanding of people around the world. Students gain skills that will serve them in many fields.


Minors must be completed in conjunction with a bachelor’s degree.  Please see the University Catalog for complete information on program requirements and policies.  Additional specifications may apply.

Students must first demonstrate to the Ethnomusicology coordinator a basic level of knowledge and training in some area of Western or non-Western music, or earn a grade of B or higher in MUSI 103 or MUSI 431. Prerequisites for specific courses are indicated below.

Minor Requirements (18 credits)



Ethnomusicology minors at Mason work with world-class faculty and have opportunity to get hands on experience through an ethnomusicology internship. Music students also study and perform in beautiful spaces outfitted with up to date technology. Mason School of Music is an all-Steinway school. Performance opportunities are available for all musicians at Mason in more than 20 ensembles.


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