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Ibsen: Four Major Plays, Vol. I

by Rick Davis

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  • Published Date: July 1, 1995
  • Publisher: Smith and Kraus
  • ISBN: 1880399679


A Doll House


An Enemy of the People

Hedda Gabler


The translations, created through a fresh approach to the Norwegian original in tandem with a keen sense of Ibsen's theatricallity and playability, have all been tested and refined in productions at professional theaters.

The translators have paid particular attention to three aspects of Ibsen's technique: his wit and humor, his "supertext" - the web of rich allusions and references that he weaves in and around his dialogue - and the bold theatricallity of the plays. The result is an Ibsen that sounds contemporary without being slangy or colloquial - an Ibsen of strong ideas but also living characters - and surprisingly different from the image of the cold, forbidding "scold of the North" that we often associate with this giant writer.

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