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Ibsen in an Hour

by Rick Davis

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  • Published Date: April 8, 2010
  • Publisher: Smith and Kraus
  • ISBN: 1936232162


The book features: 

  • Ibsen in an Hour, the main essay of the book 
  • Ibsen in a Minute, a snapshot chronology 
  • A complete listing of Ibsen's work
  • A list of Ibsen's contemporaries in all fields
  • Excerpts from Ibsen's significant works 
  • An extensive bibliography grouped according to type of reader 
  • An index of the main essay. 


In 1850, Henrik Ibsen arrived in Christiania (now Oslo), hoping to begin his university education. Yet something else lay in store for the twenty-two-year-old. Failing his exams in Greek and Arithmetic, he soon moved to Bergen to become "dramatic author" at the new Norwegian theatre there. The rebellious young Ibsen was unsatisfied with the conventional "well-made plays" of his time --- calling them "daily abortions." Instead of conforming to that standard, Ibsen began forging his own plays that launched nineteenth-century drama into the modern world. 

Setting the playwright in context to his personal life, social, historical and political events, other writers of influence, and more, you will quickly gain a deep understanding of Ibsen and the plays he wrote. Read Ibsen in an Hour and experience his plays like never before. Know the playwright, love the play! 

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