Arts Living Learning Community

Fairfax campus in Spring


For Spring 2021, students can now continue the Living Learning Community experience beyond Freshman year.

The Arts Living Learning Community (LLC) is a unique residential opportunity for freshmen majoring in the visual and performing arts.

Notice for Spring 2021 - Learning Communities are going virtual!

As on-campus housing will be limited this Spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arts Living Learning Community has been transformed into an Arts Virtual Learning Community, which will still provide a supportive, educational, and exciting experience for students and allow them to make friends who share their passions and interests.

We are excited to announce the Arts VLC Faculty Fellow for the 2020-21 Academic Year, Dr. Alan Carr. Dr. Carr will be presenting projects to the Arts VLC students and is available to them as an extra faculty resource. Please email Dr Carr with any questions.

For more information about the Arts VLC, please contact Lauren Wagner, VLC Coordinator.

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First Year Arts LLC - For first-time freshmen

Commonwealth Hall, Fairfax Campus
Commonwealth Hall, Fairfax Campus

The First Year Arts Living Learning Community (LLC) is a unique residential opportunity for freshmen majoring in any of our visual and performing arts programs. All incoming freshmen majoring in Art and Visual Technology, Computer Game Design, Creative Writing, Dance, Film and Video Studies, Music, and Theater are encouraged to apply.

Through specialized interactive programming, students in the First Year Arts LLC explore innovation and creativity across the artistic disciplines. They expand their knowledge of the arts, support each other in creative work, and experience deeper connections among the Mason and Washington D.C. arts communities.

(Learn more about the Upper-Level Arts LLCs.)

First Year Arts LLC members have direct access to:

  • Experience on-campus music, theater and dance performances, art exhibitions, film screenings, computer game expos
  • Learn from faculty speakers and guest lectures
  • Travel to Washington, D.C.’s many galleries, museums, and performances
  • Work collaboratively with students across the arts

Why live in the Arts Living Learning Community?

96% of LLC participants would recommend LLCs to incoming students (from 2014 and 2015 surveys of LLC participants).

from 2014 and 2015 surveys of LLC participants

Yes, I would highly recommend this experience. LLCs really help with college transition and getting to know people.

Freshman, Arts LLC


First Year Arts LLC students must:

  • Live in the LLC residence hall
  • Enroll in the LLC course or first-year course identified for the community
  • Participate in at least one LLC program and activity per month
  • Complete program assessments in the fall and spring

Students accepted to the First Year Arts LLC will be pre-registered in the Fall for UNIV 150 or required to register for one of the following courses, depending on their majors:

  • AVT 101: New Majors Colloquium (one-credit course). Provides a common core experience of the broad range of professional career options open to studio art majors. Lectures address practical concerns, and emphasize social, ethical, and philosophical aspects of visual arts professions.
  • DANC 190: First Year Seminar (zero-credit course). Introduction to School of Dance, CVPA, and university resources available to dance majors. Weekly meetings focus on learning about opportunities for involvement in dance, the community, and adjusting academically. Classes address topics to assist dance majors in effectively transitioning to college life.
  • THR 191:  Practical Theater Seminar (zero-credit course). Freshman transition course for Theater majors. Registered students will 1) attend a Theater at Mason production, guest lecture or workshop, and 2) participate in a production load-in and 3) participate in a production strike. 
  • UNIV 150: Arts Living Learning Community (zero to one-credit). Freshman transition course for Arts LLC students majoring in Film and Video Studies, Computer Game Design, Creative Writing, and Music.

Living in the LLC

Arts LLC
Mason students can apply to become a member of a Living Learning Community. These groups of students share common academic goals or interests and live in a designated LLC residence hall.


Commonwealth Hall, Fairfax campus
Commonwealth Hall, Fairfax campus

The First Year Arts LLC will be housed in Commonwealth Hall. Although used exclusively for freshmen students, Commonwealth Hall incorporates the suite-style housing of our upper class halls. So Arts LLC students get the advantage of living with fellow freshmen while also living in a suite.

Commonwealth Hall has laundry facilities, group living areas​, and dedicated maker spaces designed specifically for art students which provide materials and resources that foster community within the arts disciplines. All rooms are furnished with beds, desks, chairs, dressers and closets. Carpets and window treatments are provided.

Commonwealth is a non-smoking and alcohol-free housing area.

Commonwealth Hall is also home to other Living Learning Communities; allowing students to connect with those enrolled outside the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Application Process for Incoming Freshmen

Space in the Arts LLC is limited, and resident selection is competitive. LLC housing requests are in high-demand. Applications received early in the process are more likely to be granted housing preference. 

Upon acceptance of an offer of admission to George Mason University and the College of Visual and Performing Arts:

1.   Pay your $550 deposit by May 1 ($250 enrollment deposit and $300 housing deposit).

2.   Complete a housing application by May 1 (June 1 for fall 2020 applicants only). Print a copy of the confirmation screen for your records. Look for your confirmation postcard in the mail at the end of May (June for fall 2020 applicants).

3.   On your application, simply indicate your preference for the Arts LLC.

If you already completed a Housing application, but would like to apply to the Arts LLC, please email us.

Retain copies of the confirmation screens for your records. Residential preference confirmation postcards are mailed at the end of May (June for fall 2020 applicants).

Computer game design students talk about their experience of living in the LLC.

It takes away your homesickness and you feel like you belong.

Freshman, Arts LLC