Meet Our Faculty and Staff

CVPA Faculty and Staff List

  • Dorotea Rácz

    Adjunct Faculty, CVPA

  • Rebecca Basch

    Adjunct Faculty, CVPA

  • Victor Adebusola

    Adjunct Faculty, CVPA Adjunct Faculty, Dance

    Victor Adebusola is a household name for hip-hop in the D.C.-metropolitan area, serving as an established dancer, choreographer, and instructor. He graduated from the University of Maryland, where he found an on campus based hip-hop team called Dynamic Hip-Hop Dance Troupe and eventually became Artistic Director. 
  • Adjunct Faculty, CVPA

  • Production Manager, CVPA
    Production Manager, Film and Video Studies

  • Ignacio Alcover

    Adjunct Faculty, CVPA

    Ignacio Alcover, born in Barcelona, is the founder of Musica Aperta and serves as its Artistic Director. A performing arts ensemble that mixes music with other media, Musica Aperta’s shows have been presented at the National Gallery of Art and the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC and on a US tour in 2009.
  • John Aler

    Associate Professor, CVPA

  • Samirah Alkassim

    Term Assistant Professor in Film Theory , CVPA
    Term Assistant Professor in Film Theory , Film and Video Studies

  • Elizabeth Alman

    Adjunct Faculty, CVPA
    Adjunct Faculty, Theater

    Dr. Elizabeth Alman joined the School of Theatre Faculty at Mason in 2015, teaching theatre performance courses, coaching Voice, Speech, Text and Dialects for Mason Players’ productions, and serving on the Faculty Committee for Mason’s Gateway Auditions and Interviews for prospective freshmen and transfer students. She enjoys mentoring students in their pursuit of career opportunities beyond Mason. This fall, she looks forward to serving as a committee member on a student’s Master’s Thesis Performance.  
  • Ben Ashworth

    Sculpture Supervisor, CVPA