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Film and Video Studies Admissions

You will learn about the creation, production and post-production of fiction, documentary and experimental styles of film and video and its parallel forms, including television, transmedia, mobile and web media, through the Interdisciplinary Bachelors of Arts degree.

Film and Video Students

Photo: Maurice C. Jones. FAVS students are immersed immediately in their craft and given opportunities to explore their creativity through fiction, documentary and experimental styles of film and video.

In preparation for a wide range of careers in the film industry, majors take courses in Film and Media Studies, English, Communication, Theater, Game Design, Art, and other subjects. Film and Video Studies students are invited to leverage the extraordinary connections, alumni network, and arts partnerships to both complete the required internship and gain real-world experience.

Application to Film and Video Studies is a two-step process.

Step One: Apply to George Mason through the Common Application or visit for more information. You do not need to wait to get a response from Admissions before moving to step two. For current Mason students, see step two below.

Step Two: To major in Film and Video Studies, you must successfully complete a portfolio review. Please see the complete list of portfolio requirements below, including priority deadlines. If you wish to change your major, we accept portfolios on a rolling basis. Incomplete portfolios will not be considered.

Portfolio Requirements:

Submit your information and materials (see Portfolio Requirements below) through SlideRoom.

We will provide a portfolio result by email within 2 weeks of your submission.

If you have questions or concerns about the process or requirements, please email

Part One:

Write a 500-word essay describing your interest and influences in studying the history and craft of independently produced film and video and related media forms.

Part Two:

Choose and answer ONE of the following:

  • Write a 350-word treatment for an original fiction film with a unique story and distinctive characters who are faced with a compelling conflict. Introduce the problem and describe how they might overcome it. Reveal the ending and tell us how your character gets there. If you have been inspired by another film, a book, play, or piece of music, be sure to mention it.
  • Write a 350-word proposal for a documentary film (i.e., a story involving participants and representing real life). What is the challenge your participants face, and how do they work to overcome that conflict? What makes them unique, and what are they doing that’s worth filming? Describe the person or group as you might a fictional character. How do you see the film concluding? If a documentary film inspires you and you want your film to look like that work, be sure to mention it.
  • Write a 350-word proposal for a television pilot.

Part Three:

Provide a creative sample and descriptive statement (25-100 words). Samples can include a short video (via YouTube or Vimeo link), demo reel, photographs, website, animation, drawing, collage, graphic novel or comic book cells, or script. Collaborators and use of copyrighted media must be clearly noted in a descriptive statement. This sample should demonstrate your skills and interests in storytelling (for fiction or nonfiction), and/or production technique, and/or interests in the film business. Provide a password in your email if the link is password-protected.

Portfolio Review Deadlines

Freshman Early Action for Fall 2017: November 15, 2017

Freshman Regular for Fall 2017: January 31, 2018

Transfer for Fall 2017: March 15, 2018

See the Film and Video Studies website for more information: Apply to Film and Video Studies.

Students help produce Mason’s Studio A, an award winning televised talk show with film professionals who speak about their work and careers.

Students help produce Mason’s Studio A, an award winning televised talk show with film professionals who speak about their work and careers.

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Email us or call us: 703-993-5780. Visit us at College Hall, C101, George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, MS 5D8, Fairfax, VA 22030.

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