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The College of Visual and Performing Arts will provide you with the building blocks for a creative career. Whatever your area of interest, you can find it here.

School of Art student working in gallery

School of Art

The School of Art offers such degrees as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master of Arts in Teaching, as well as certificates and minors.

School of Music Students

School of Music

The School of Music offers a Bachelor of Music, a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Music, a Doctor of Musical Arts, and a PhD in Music Education, minors and certifications. 

Arts management Program

Arts Management

The Arts Management Program offers a master's degree, an undergraduate minor, an accelerated master’s program and programs in conjunction with other departments.

Film and Video Studies Students

Film and Video Studies

The Film and Video Studies Program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree, in which students can select from one of three concentrations.

School of Dance student practicing in studio

School of Dance

The School of Dance offers dance training that leads to a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Master of Fine Arts (concentration in Dance), or a minor in Dance Appreciation or World Dance

School of Theater

The School of Theater offers a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an accelerated Masters program, as well as minors and certificates. 

Computer Game Design Students

Computer Game Design

The Computer Game Design program offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts, as well as a Game Design Minor and a Sport and Game Design Minor, earned while using state-of-the-art technology.

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