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2018 Fall Film Showcase Winners

December 18, 2018

Kauri George receiving award at 2018 Film Showcase

Kauri George accepts the Audience Award and Best of Fest for Close Call.

Congratulations to the winners of our 2018 Fall Film Showcase!

Pitch Winners

Pitch Winners will receive $500 each for the completion of their senior films in the Spring Semester.

Best Digital Pitch - Jared Palicos
Best Pitch Story - Amy Houser
Best Pitch Presentation - Esra Abo Oun
Best Documentary Pitch - Sami Saab

Capstone Awards

Capstone awards recognize achievement from seniors graduating in the Screenwriting, Producing, Editing, and Cinematography Concentrations

Distinction in Editing - John Zalubski
Distinction in Producing - Mazin Harb

Audience Award

Close Call, directed by Kauri George

Juried Prizes

Best Cinematography - Alica Rodriguez for Close Call, directed by Kauri George
Best Editing - Stephen Gentry for Close Call, directed by Kauri George
Best Sound Design - Perry Jones for Mitchell Parker's Black Cobra, directed by Mitchell Parker
Best Producing - Perry Jones for Midnight Moth, directed by Tursun Sadykov
Best of Fest - Close Call, directed by Kauri George

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